Peonies. Strawberries. Burnt caramel. Molasses. Quince syrup.




Innovation and trends are very much present in coffee farming practices. Coffee processing has recently become subject to increasing investment, research, and experimentation. Not everyone has access to resources, and the stakes are high. All for the sake of that sip of coffee syrup, the complexity of aromas and textures in the cup, and the desire to create something special and extraordinary. Great coffee doesn’t just happen. The Nordic Approach team of specialty coffee raw material suppliers have spent years working and investing in coffee processing methods and projects with Ethiopian coffee farmers. They aim to discover methods that can be widely and affordably applied in coffee farming practices to produce excellent coffees of various flavours.
Extended fermentation with a special drying method from the West GUJI region. Modern arabica varieties Wolisho, 741100, 74111. Coffee from the Champion Series, reminiscent of last year’s Anasora, Semeon Abaye, our roasted arabica. Highly authentic to Ethiopia. Full of flavours, multi-layered, faint fermentation, clean.